Is Your Content Missing These Proof Indicators?

5 Sep

Copywriting Is Dead

It’s so easy to speak your mind online.

In fact, it’s so easy that amateur writers are constantly sharing thoughts that have no basis in anyone else’s reality. You can visit the Huffington Post and flip through a dozen well-written and compelling articles until you find one that accurately cites real proof.

The internet is one big op-ed machine. Want to create content that really stands out from the rest? Find ways to prove your concepts.

Prove it.

Anyone can rationalize a theory. It takes proof to build it into a tangible one.

As far back as college (for those of us who remember it), we’ve been trained to present an evidence-based argument. Why have we abandoned this approach? Well…we can say whatever we want, whenever we want on the internet. It’s a whole lot easier to just speak your mind without putting time and energy into research.

A scientific…

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23 Jun

Because it helps millions of people. Many business speakers are very protective of their “intellectual capital”, anxious about articles, presentations, books or corporate videos being online – some even refuse to allow their powerpoint slides to be loaded onto a technician’s PC. That’s last-century thinking. The future is about a world where information is free, ideas widely broadcast, use and adaptation encouraged (acknowledging source). The real added-value is knowing exactly how to apply ideas to your own business, yourself, family, community and wider world.for more information,you can